Top News Stations

Since the rise in popularity of cable channels, many television broadcasting companies has taken advantage of launching new television stations that specialize in certain areas. There are a few that show movies, some broadcast music videos, others specialize in documentaries, while most continue to air regular shows. There are several news stations that are fully dedicated to broadcasting news. The top news stations that are arguably popular both in the United States and around the world are BBC, CNN, and Fox News. These stations broadcast news and current events continuously and their viewership, reaching millions internationally, show their importance to the society.

British Broadcasting Company, abbreviated as BBC, is the largest broadcasting company in the world. Although BBC has several channels that air different shows, as well as actively airing radio shows, it has a channel fully dedicated to broadcasting news from around the world. Its headquarters can be found in the City of Westminster in London. BBC also broadcasts to the United Kingdom Military servicemen serving abroad via British Forces Broadcasting Service, or BFBS.

CNN, or the Cable News Network, pioneered the 24-hour news coverage format, showing nothing but news and shows dedicated to current events around the clock. This format has become the standard among all news broadcasting companies. CNN started in 1980 and became one of the top news stations during their coverage of the gulf war. Their coverage, which involved the help of other television stations in airing the news, eventually spurred CNN International, subsequently extending CNN’s reach around the world.

Fox News, also known as FNC, is a part of the Fox Entertainment Company. It is one of the top news stations in the United States, but also has a considerable amount of viewers internationally. Most of the content air is broadcast from Fox News’ headquarters in New York, while the rest is broadcast from Fox News’ studio in Washington D.C. Fox News provides service all around the world.

All of these top news stations also have websites were viewers can read or watch news wherever internet is available. This is a growing trend among television stations as the internet allows people to stream content using their mobile devices or their computer tablets or laptops and can essentially get access to news everywhere. These top news stations now do not only compete through airtime, but also on the internet. The internet has drastically changed how viewership is determined.

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